Working at Collingwood Children’s Farm

On Week 1 of work experience, Danielle and I drove to Collingwood Children’s Farm and listened to We Will Rock You all the time on the way. It was a great queen song, I felt happy and excited to start work experience at Collingwood Children’s Farm.

We got to work at around 10:00, my first job was I handed out brushes to school kids to brush the cow and showed them how to brush the cow. Farmer Dan milked the cow, and then it was my job to take the cow back to the paddock. The cow’s name was Daphne, and she had a calf called Juniper. After the cow was back in the paddock, i had to clean up the cow poo, it was yuck.

i fed the goats and the ponies. They ate hay, it was heavy so I had to carry it in the wheelbarrow. Then it was lunchtime, I brought lunch from home and ate it in the staff kitchen. After lunch I went back to do more work until 2pm. I worked so hard I can’t remember what jobs I had to do after lunch. I was very tired when I got home after work.

On Wednesday I saw planes right over top of the farm. I felt happy and excited.

On week 2 of work experience we still listened to We Will Rock You all the way there. I did the same jobs but i also had to feed the sheep and take them to new paddocks. i worked hard and had fun but they need more farm for highland cattle, my favourite.

Thank you for having me Collingwood Children’s Farm and Danielle for helping and driving me.


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