On Friday 6th of March, We went to Davids office until 1pm. We drove to Warragul Show and waited for Erica from Glenstrae highlands. I helped Erica unload her trailer. We set up the tent close to cattle. We helped Erica to do work with her cattle. We went out for dinner at the pub in Warragul. I have a pizza with salami. We went back and watched the fireworks at 9:30pm.

On Saturday I got up at 6am to get ready for work with Erica with her cattle. I sang We Will Rock You to Andie Skye. I led Andie Skye into the show ring I had to hold Andies head up and I led her around I had to do 4 rounds with Andie. I won ribbons in 4 rounds. Aimi and Bob came and watched me. We helped Erica packed up the tralier then we drove home. We saw High Capacity Metro trains on the way home at the Pakenham East depot and more cows. I got home and saw Mum and Ella and Charlie.


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