Trip to Neerim for 1 night

On Thursday 4th of October, Mum and I went for a drive to Mcdonalds for lunch. We went to Aimi’s house to have a cuddle with her twins named Jack and Sammel. We tried to go to a cheese factory but it was closed. We went to IGA instead to get cheese, rice crackers and dips. We went to Neerim South Country Cottages to unpack the car. We went for a walk to the paddock to see 2 highland cows. This was my favorite part of the trip and made me feel happy. Mum and I took photos of 2 highland cows.

On Friday 5th of October, Mum and I went for a drive to find cows and there was a property for sale on the way. We looked for highland cattle farm to find highland cows. We went to Caldermeade farm and cafe for lunch. I saw a highland cow and Jersey cows.




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