Trip to Myuna Farm, Jordan’s Birthday party and Australian Grand Prix

On Sunday 26th of March I went to Myuna Farm with Carolyn. We saw pigs, donkey making hee haw noise, Llamas, horses, ponies, Water Buffalo, chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits and Guinea pigs. then we went to Jordan’s birthday party to see my friends Leilani, Ava, Ayva, Charlie, Daniel, Oliver, Chelsea and everyone else. It was pizza making party. I sat with Leilani and made pizzas together. I put on Cheese, ham, pineapple, olives, mushrooms and Capsicum. It was Delicious!

Dad and I went to the Australian Grand Prix in the car we watched the roulettes, F18 and C17 Globemaster I like the roulettes because they flyover my window. Then we went home to meet Ella and Mum. We chilled at home. Then we had pasta for dinner with cheese and I played my iPad until 9pm then bed time.

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  1. Hey will, im also an aircraft nut, and i also work at myuna farm, if you ever want to come again for a visit, let me know, my name is james and ill give you an behind the scenes tour. Hope you lke snakes, you can even cuddle one of our pythons, tottally harmless, but they can give you a nip sometimes. Cheers mate.

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