Trip to Middle Brighton to get a Cheeseburger

On Friday night Dad and I went on the train to Middle Brighton Station then we walked to the Royale Brothers to get a Cheeseburger and chips to take away. It was good.We went home to have tea.

On Saturday Dad and I went to ABC Radio show and I saw United 787 9 Dreamliner right over our heads it was noisy and big. We went because David wanted to talk on the radio in the car.
On Sunday Carolyn came at 9am then we went on the train to Southern Cross then changed to Upfield line to Upfield station to watch planes landing on runway 27. The train was late, it was scheduled 11:44, but the train was broken down so it came at 12:04 we got home at 1:20, late! At 5:30 Mum came home from Sunshine Coast.

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