Trip to Churchill Island

On Saturday 31st of August, David and I left home at 8:30am to go to Churchill Island. It was a long drive. It took us 1 hour and 40 mins. We listened to my car songs playlist on the drive. We asked the shop how many highland cattle they have. They said 15. David and I had a look.

They had black, brown, silver dun and white. My favourite is black. They also had a few highland calves. We just watched them. I felt very happy and excited. We went to Caldermeade Farm to see 2 highland cows and had lunch. I had a cheese toastie. It was pretty good. The highland cow names were Bonnie and Dougal.

We drove home and went to netball to watch Ella play.

I liked going to the farm to see the highland cattle, it was the best.

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