Trip to look at Metro Tunnel Works

On Sunday 6th of May Carolyn came at 9am. We went on 9:40 train to Melbourne Central. We went on tram to Parkville to look at Metro tunnel works. We went on the tram to City Square to look at metro tunnel works. We walked to Flinders Street Station to catch the Werribee train past Kensington to look at metro tunnel works being built  at  Footscray station. We missed the train from   Sunbury going to city. We waited for the train from Werribee to city.  We were late!. We went on the Sandringham line from Flinders Street to North Brighton Station. We walked home


My Weekend

On Saturday 2nd of December David and I went to drop Ella off at swimming in Windsor then we went to Melbourne Airport.
We went to Qantas Club to have Breakfast and We boarded our 787 plane to Sydney. It was a new plane. I liked it. I got to go in the cockpit. It was exciting. I got to sit in pilots chair. David was my co pilot. I sat in 7A in Business class.
‘The plane took off at 10:00am and arrived at 11:30 in Sydney. We went to Qantas Club to have lunch I had toasted ham and cheese sandwich. I watched the planes.
We boarded the 787 plane back to Melbourne. We drove home. I liked the day trip because it was great day.
On Sunday 3rd of December Carolyn and I drove to McKinnon Station and caught the Comeng train to Frankston Station. We had apple juice there. We caught the new Xtrapolis train to McKinnon Station. I played We Will Rock You on the way there and back. We drove home. We went to Mardi and Pops house for Christmas lunch. I met my buddy from flying fox camp in Caufield South with David. We went back to Mardi and Pops house. We drove home. I liked the Xtrapolis train.

My first trip on an Xtrapolis train!

On Friday Night Mitch and I caught the train to Richmond. We were trying to catch an Xtrapolis train, but we missed the one at platform 3, then caught the Xtrapolis train to Flinders Street on platform 7. It felt exciting and amazing i felt so happy. Next we caught the Laverton train to Southern Cross and we walked to Network Pizzeria. Mitch ordered apple juice and Hawaiian pizza for me and onion rings and  a ginger beer too, it was very busy.  I had 7 pieces of pizza and Mitch had 1 piece. It was yum! then we walked back to southern cross, to platform 12 and we caught the 6:08 Frankston Xtrapolis train to South Yarra then we changed to Sandringham line to North Brighton. We were late for Mitch to go home!