Trip to Toorak

On Friday 10th of August, Mitch and I caught the train to South Yarra, We caught the 58 tram to Toorak village then we walked to burger place called Meet Patty. We saw lots of planes from the window. I ordered a cheeseburger with pickles and an apple juice.

This is Air New Zealand A320
Air New Zealand A320

I tried pickles in my burger for first time. I liked the pickles. I will have it again

Will pointing at the plane

I saw A320, 737, A321, 787 and Dash 8

Will having a cheeseburger with pickleĀ 
Air New Zealand A320

We walked to Hawksburn station. We caught the X’trapolis train to South Yarra station. We caught the 5:52 train to North Brighton Station.

We having our Burgers together

We walked home bit late!

Trip to Hawksburn to have pizza

On Friday 23rd of February. Mitch and I went to South Yarra Station and changed to Frankston line to Hawksburn Station it was 5:04 Mordialloc Xtrapolis train . We walked to pizza place called Fratellino Pizzeria. I bought Tropical pizza with Sprite lemonade.The lady said they didn’t have any apple juice. We walked back to Hawksburn Station. I saw Qantas and Virgin planes from Sydney and Christchurch while eating pizza at the station. We caught the 5:46 Xtrapolis train to South Yarra Station and changed to Sandringham train to North Brighton Station. We walked home.



My Weekend

On Saturday 2nd of December David and I went to drop Ella off at swimming in Windsor then we went to Melbourne Airport.
We went to Qantas Club to have Breakfast and We boarded our 787 plane to Sydney. It was a new plane. I liked it. I got to go in the cockpit. It was exciting. I got to sit in pilots chair. David was my co pilot. I sat in 7A in Business class.
‘The plane took off at 10:00am and arrived at 11:30 in Sydney. We went to Qantas Club to have lunch I had toasted ham and cheese sandwich. I watched the planes.
We boarded the 787 plane back to Melbourne. We drove home. I liked the day trip because it was great day.
On Sunday 3rd of December Carolyn and I drove to McKinnon Station and caught the Comeng train to Frankston Station. We had apple juice there. We caught the new Xtrapolis train to McKinnon Station. I played We Will Rock You on the way there and back. We drove home. We went to Mardi and Pops house for Christmas lunch. I met my buddy from flying fox camp in Caufield South with David. We went back to Mardi and Pops house. We drove home. I liked the Xtrapolis train.

Saturday trip to City

On Saturday 23rd of September Mitch and I caught the 9:20 City Loop train to Flinders Street Station. I saw planes on the way because there was strong north winds. We caught the tram to city Square to look at Metro tunnel works. We caught the tram to Arts Centre. We walked to Southbank and went to Boost Juice to get my apple juice and Mitch got Energiser juice. We sat on the benches near the river. There was a dog barking a lot we said be quiet dog. We watched the big planes overhead and watched the trains going to Showgrounds, Frankston and Sandringham. We got on the Showgrounds train to Southern Cross Station. Then we got on the 11:30 Sandringham train to North Brighton. I saw planes on the way. We saw lots of planes. It was awesome.









Visit to Qantas Maintenance

On Saturday 18th of February I went to Qantas Maintenance Hanger at Melbourne Airport and met Greg. I saw A330 and 737 planes. I went into the cockpit and sat in the pilot’s seat. I also saw a 737 freighter being repaired. After that we went in the van and drove around Melbourne Airport looking at planes. Then David and I watched planes takeoff on runway 16.

Qantas maintenance hanger at Melbourne Airport