Trip to stay at Bellevue Farmstay

On Friday 30th of March We Mardi and Pop, Dad and I went to Bellevue Farmstay. On the way we had lunch in Whittlesea. I had a ham and cheese toastie, it was good. We went to Bellevue Farmstay for 3 nights.

Warren, one of the farmers, gave me jobs. I had to name the 8 calves and feed the animals. I named the 8 calves named Leilani, Ava, Jordan, Nick, Daniel, Ollie, Brenton and Charlie after my friends. I go and feed the animals at 9:00am. First I fed the camel and the cow named Colby. I said “no!” to Colby because Colby was trying to get the camel’s food. Next I fed the alpacas and the sheep and a goat named Acca. Then I fed the calves with milk in a big tub. Next I fed the horses and Mandy’s calves and the cows in the tractor. I drove the tractor. It was fun. It was 3 hours of work. It was easy work because I loved it.

I had lunch with Mardi, Pop and Dad at Bellevue in the house. In the afternoon I looked at cows in the paddock and listened to We Will Rock You at free time. I went to the dairy farm to see the cows and how they are milked. We went to fish and chip shop to get dinner and took it back to Bellevue I had a cheeseburger. I played on my iPad or phone until 9:30pm. Pop and I went to bed at 9:30pm and read the books about Christmas trip and cow book.

On the next day i fed the animals at 9:30am again. Then I had lunch. After lunch I went for a drive to look for the highland cattle. But we couldn’t find any so on Monday we went to the cheese factory instead. I bought the block cheese. It was delicious, and had lunch in Whittlesea on the way home.









Visit to Rotary Dairy

Cows waiting to be milked

On Saturday 15th April, I went to visit a working dairy to see the cows being milked in Jancourt, near Bellevue Farmstay. There are about 600 cows on the farm and they are mainly Fresian cows with some Jersey cows. The cows come into a holding pen waiting to be milked.


Cows on the rotary dairy

When it’s their turn, they go into the big rotary dairy and the farmer, Chris, puts suction cups on the cow’s teats to collect the milk. The cows go around on the rotary dairy and go back to the paddock after being milked.



Cows going back to the paddock after being milked.