Trip to Chesterfield Farm and Erin’s party

On Saturday we went to take Ella to netball then we went to Paterson Station and we got on Xtrapolis train to Parliament then we caught the 11 tram to Daddy’s clothes shop and David bought tie and scarf. We went on 48 tram to Swanston st to have a look at Metro tunnel works for CBD south Station finishes in five years. We walked to Flinders Street Station to catch the Pakenham line to Caulfield Station and changed to Frankston train to Paterson station and we went home.

On Sunday 4th of June Carolyn came at 9am and we went to Chesterfield Farm to see all the animals. There were cows, horse, sheep, calves, goats, chickens, camels, deer, turkeys and dogs.

We went to Erin’s birthday party afterwards. We played 1 game of bowling at Strike Bowling in Glen Warverley. I sang we will rock you in karaoke room I felt excited.




Visit to Rotary Dairy

Cows waiting to be milked

On Saturday 15th April, I went to visit a working dairy to see the cows being milked in Jancourt, near Bellevue Farmstay. There are about 600 cows on the farm and they are mainly Fresian cows with some Jersey cows. The cows come into a holding pen waiting to be milked.


Cows on the rotary dairy

When it’s their turn, they go into the big rotary dairy and the farmer, Chris, puts suction cups on the cow’s teats to collect the milk. The cows go around on the rotary dairy and go back to the paddock after being milked.



Cows going back to the paddock after being milked.