Working at Collingwood Children’s Farm

On Week 1 of work experience, Danielle and I drove to Collingwood Children’s Farm and listened to We Will Rock You all the time on the way. It was a great queen song, I felt happy and excited to start work experience at Collingwood Children’s Farm.

We got to work at around 10:00, my first job was I handed out brushes to school kids to brush the cow and showed them how to brush the cow. Farmer Dan milked the cow, and then it was my job to take the cow back to the paddock. The cow’s name was Daphne, and she had a calf called Juniper. After the cow was back in the paddock, i had to clean up the cow poo, it was yuck.

i fed the goats and the ponies. They ate hay, it was heavy so I had to carry it in the wheelbarrow. Then it was lunchtime, I brought lunch from home and ate it in the staff kitchen. After lunch I went back to do more work until 2pm. I worked so hard I can’t remember what jobs I had to do after lunch. I was very tired when I got home after work.

On Wednesday I saw planes right over top of the farm. I felt happy and excited.

On week 2 of work experience we still listened to We Will Rock You all the way there. I did the same jobs but i also had to feed the sheep and take them to new paddocks. i worked hard and had fun but they need more farm for highland cattle, my favourite.

Thank you for having me Collingwood Children’s Farm and Danielle for helping and driving me.


Highland Cattle Show

On Friday, David picked me up from Bundoora Park Farm at 2pm, We picked Ella up from home. We drove to the house in Ocean Grove. We had shepperds pie first night.

On Saturday, Pop, David and I went to Highland Cattle Show to help farmers with highland cattle and get ready for the show. We met the farmers. They all very nice. It was a good weather. Mum, Ella and Mardi came for little bit. I dressed up and entered the calf classic with Nevis, one of Erica’s calves.

On Sunday Pop, David and I went back to the show. Nick and Von, Sophie and Angus came to watch me. I handed out the prizes for a class 15 (cows 3-5 years) that I sponsored. With Peter’s help I led a bull called Rabbie in class 21 (bulls 20-24 months) and Rabbie won third place. I went to Highland dinner at Portarlington golf club with David and Pop. The farmers said I can visit their farm to see their highland cows. That made me feel happy.

On Monday, I was going to netball but I was too tired so Mum and I drove home from the house in Ocean Grove. I had a chilled out day.

Trip to Emma’s Farmstay

On Wednesday 23rd of January We went to Sonny Café (House of Sonny) 15 High St, Inverleigh for lunch. We meet Pop and Mardi. Mardi and I had ham and cheese toasties. Pop and I went to Glenmormiston South to ask if there any highland cows? But the man said no.

We arrived at Farmstay Rest and Relax and unpacked. From my window I could see calves and cows. We went for a walk to see calves, cows, pigs, horses, sheep, goat and koalas. We met farmers Emma and Dan.

Big cows at Farmstay Rest and Relax

We had a snack before dinner. We had dinner. We relaxed until 9:30pm. I had bath. I played iPad in bed until 10pm.

On Thursday 24th of January we had breakfast and got dressed. We fed the animals at 8am and fed calves, pigs horses, cows and chickens. We went to Queen Street to see 7 highland cows they are very close and looked at them.

Highland cows

We came home. Mum, David and I went to the beach for swim and Mardi and Pop met us at Simon’s cafe for lunch. I had a Beef Burger with fries and an apple juice. Mum and Mardi went shopping and Pop, David and I went to the Logan’s beach to look at hobby farms. We went to Allansford to the cheese factory. I bought cow cards and cheese for Mardi, Mum, David and I. We all have a milkshake. We went home to relax until snack. After dinner Pop and Will went for a walk to see the big cows, calves, sheep, horses and cats. We relaxed until 9:30pm. I had a bath. I played iPad in bed until 10pm.

On Friday 25th of January Pop, David and I woke up early. We had breakfast. After breakfast and got dressed we fed the animals at 8am and fed calves, cows, sheep, horses, cats and chickens. Pop and I went to Queen Street to see 12 highland cows. We went home. Pop, Mardi and David went to sleep. We have lunch. Mardi and I have ham and cheese toasties. Pop had tomato toastie. After lunch we have quiet time. Then Barrie rang from Russllyn Highlands and Pop and I drove to their farm and saw lots of highland cows. They took us to the paddock and we saw lots of highland cattle and calves.

Russllyn Fold

After our tour of their farm we drove home .I then helped Emma feed the calves and the pigs. When I finished I went to the guest house and had lobster for entree While David drove to Warrnambool and bought us special hamburgers and fish and chips for Mum and Mardi. We relaxed until 9:30pm. I had bath. I played iPad in bed until 10pm.

On Saturday 26th of January, We had breakfast and got dressed. We fed the animals at 8am and fed cows, calves, pigs, horses, chickens and cats. We are getting ready to go to Ella’s rowing. Mardi and Pop are getting ready to go home. We left the farmstay at 10am. We drove to Ella’s rowing in Geelong to watch Ella rowing and RAAF King air. I caught the train home with Mum. Ella, David and Charlie drove home.

New Years Day at Aimi’s house

I drove from my Pop’s house to the airport. This is where I met Aimi, and together we watched the planes land. From the airport I drove with Aimi to Christies Road Warragul. At the farm I saw lots of highland cows. We then drove back to Aimi’s house which did not take too long. At her house we had dinner together both Aimi and I had ham and salad for dinner. After dinner we decided to watch the Mr Bean movie which was very funny because Mr Bean got in trouble. This ended a long day and I slept at Aimi’s house.

Trip to Neerim for 1 night

On Thursday 4th of October, Mum and I went for a drive to Mcdonalds for lunch. We went to Aimi’s house to have a cuddle with her twins named Jack and Sammel. We tried to go to a cheese factory but it was closed. We went to IGA instead to get cheese, rice crackers and dips. We went to Neerim South Country Cottages to unpack the car. We went for a walk to the paddock to see 2 highland cows. This was my favorite part of the trip and made me feel happy. Mum and I took photos of 2 highland cows.

On Friday 5th of October, Mum and I went for a drive to find cows and there was a property for sale on the way. We looked for highland cattle farm to find highland cows. We went to Caldermeade farm and cafe for lunch. I saw a highland cow and Jersey cows.




My Holidays

On Sunday 23rd of September, Carolyn came and took me to Chesterfield Farm to see what animals for my hobby farm I want highland cows and other cow breeds and other animals for my hobby farm, Carolyn took me to Mardi and Pops house until 5pm.

On Tuesday, Brooke came at 2pm and went to Clayton Zone Bowling to meet Ava and her carer there. I won 1 game and come home for dinner.

On Wednesday, Mum and I went to Jordan’s house for lunch. I had cheese sandwich. Jordan and I played Wii.

On Friday, The whole family went to Chadstone I got Highland cows 2019 calendar and small farms Magazine from the Newsagent. I got subway for lunch.

On Saturday, David and I dropped Ella off at physiosports. David and I went to Moorabbin Bowling to meet Leilani and her mum. We played 2 games. Leilani won both games. We planned to meet up on Sunday because we were both going to Royal Melbourne Show on the train.

On Sunday, Brooke came at 7am and we went on 9:40 train to Southern Cross Station and we changed to Showgrounds train to Showgrounds Station. We missed out on feeding time I felt upset. We went to Milking instead I milked 3 cows. I felt happy. We went to Animal nursery to feed little animals not big ones. We went to Animal Farmyard to see farmer Darryl to talk all about cows. I asked 8 questions. We met Leilani and her mum in Woolworths food pavilion. We got some burgers for lunch. But, The cheese sauce had egg, I am allergic so We got extra cheese from hotdog shop. Problem solved. We went to Livestock pavilion to watch Galloway cows judging. Brooke and I asked someone about highland cows. The woman said there weren’t any highland cows judging. We felt upset, oh no! The cows were mooing loudly it was hard to think. We went to get showbags. I got Chips and We got Ella Melbourne Rock Candy From Woolworths food pavilion. I got an apple juice. We walked to Livestock Pavilion to ask someone else are there any highland cows judging. They said no. It was disappointing. I hope to see them in Neerim South on this Thursday. We went on the 2 train rides before going home. Even though I was upset about highland cows, it was still a great day.








Trip to stay at Bellevue Farmstay

On Friday 30th of March We Mardi and Pop, Dad and I went to Bellevue Farmstay. On the way we had lunch in Whittlesea. I had a ham and cheese toastie, it was good. We went to Bellevue Farmstay for 3 nights.

Warren, one of the farmers, gave me jobs. I had to name the 8 calves and feed the animals. I named the 8 calves named Leilani, Ava, Jordan, Nick, Daniel, Ollie, Brenton and Charlie after my friends. I go and feed the animals at 9:00am. First I fed the camel and the cow named Colby. I said “no!” to Colby because Colby was trying to get the camel’s food. Next I fed the alpacas and the sheep and a goat named Acca. Then I fed the calves with milk in a big tub. Next I fed the horses and Mandy’s calves and the cows in the tractor. I drove the tractor. It was fun. It was 3 hours of work. It was easy work because I loved it.

I had lunch with Mardi, Pop and Dad at Bellevue in the house. In the afternoon I looked at cows in the paddock and listened to We Will Rock You at free time. I went to the dairy farm to see the cows and how they are milked. We went to fish and chip shop to get dinner and took it back to Bellevue I had a cheeseburger. I played on my iPad or phone until 9:30pm. Pop and I went to bed at 9:30pm and read the books about Christmas trip and cow book.

On the next day i fed the animals at 9:30am again. Then I had lunch. After lunch I went for a drive to look for the highland cattle. But we couldn’t find any so on Monday we went to the cheese factory instead. I bought the block cheese. It was delicious, and had lunch in Whittlesea on the way home.










On Wednesday 25th of October I went to licola camp. On the way I saw cows and other farm animals in paddocks. I saw sheep at the camp. I got to go on giant swing, flying fox and do Archery. The giant swing was very high, I went to the top that was good. I wasn’t scared. It was fun. I liked the flying fox. I felt excited. It was fast. I wanted to go faster. Archery was fun, I hit the target. Adrian was very good at Archery. I stayed in room with Daniel, Jordan and Ollie. Jordan and Ollie were talking when Daniel was asleep I was trying to sleep. I asked them to be quiet But they wouldn’t listen to me. I was angry. Then Jordan was snoring. Too loud I couldn’t get any sleep. On the bus home on Friday 27th Ollie played on his iPad then Ollie went to sleep. And Leilani and Chelsea everyone went to sleep except me. I was excited to look at the cows and other farm animals out the window. I had a good time at camp.

Trip to Royal Melbourne Show

Today the whole family went to Royal Melbourne Show in the car. We went to Animal Nursery first we saw baby sheep, pigs, alpacas, donkeys, ponies and goats. After that We went to Animal Farmyard. We saw cows and other animals. We went to Showbag Pavilion I saw Ollie there. He is my best friend from school. After that we looked at the cakes. After that we went to Livestock Pavilion to see sheep, cows and bulls. After that we went to racv cafe to have lunch. I had a burger and an apple juice and chips. After that we went to The Farmhouse to say goodbye to Mum and Ella they went home. David and I watch ed the dogs and watched the horses. We went back to Animal Farmyard to learn about beef cows. Farmer Darryl talked about cows. We went on the train to Flinders Street Station. We caught the train to Richmond Station and waited for next train home to North Brighton.