On Wednesday 25th of October I went to licola camp. On the way I saw cows and other farm animals in paddocks. I saw sheep at the camp. I got to go on giant swing, flying fox and do Archery. The giant swing was very high, I went to the top that was good. I wasn’t scared. It was fun. I liked the flying fox. I felt excited. It was fast. I wanted to go faster. Archery was fun, I hit the target. Adrian was very good at Archery. I stayed in room with Daniel, Jordan and Ollie. Jordan and Ollie were talking when Daniel was asleep I was trying to sleep. I asked them to be quiet But they wouldn’t listen to me. I was angry. Then Jordan was snoring. Too loud I couldn’t get any sleep. On the bus home on Friday 27th Ollie played on his iPad then Ollie went to sleep. And Leilani and Chelsea everyone went to sleep except me. I was excited to look at the cows and other farm animals out the window. I had a good time at camp.