Avalon Airshow

On Sunday 3rd of March, David and I woke up at 6am. We had breakfast and drove to the airshow. it took 1 hour and 9 mins. We arrived at 7;30am. We went straight in. We saw lots of planes. We watched the planes displayed. I saw PC 9 and 21 roulettes. they did a display. We saw other planes on display. My favourite was the roulettes. We had lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwich and I had a fruit bar. We drove home at 1:30pm. I had fun.

Trip to Chesterfield Farm

On Saturday 6th of May Aimi and i  went to Chesterfield Farm to see animals. There were cows, calf,  sheep,  lambs, pigs, dogs, chickens, camels, horses, ponies, and turkeys.

The calf was mooing for his mother. The cow was being milked. The pigs were oinking. I liked patting the new calf and i fed all the animals, But not allowed to feed the baby animals in the animal nursery. I also milked the cow.