Peter’s Farm

On Friday 12th of July, Aimi and I went to Peter’s farm in Kardella. He’s got 70 highland cattle. I didn’t to go in the tractor to feed hay to highland cows because it was too wet and slippery, Oh No!!!!

Peter showed me other cows that were close to the house. Peter has got a jumpy dog, Peter had to say ‘NO!’ to stop the dog from jumping!! Peter had to put the dog some else.

Peter has lots of black cows, They are my favourite cows. It was very hilly there, and muddy.
Peter told me about Tasmania, they got mini bus from the airport to stay in Richmond, TAS and go to visit highland cow farms there. I’m going to do this!

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  1. Hi Will,
    It was great to have you and Aimi visit my farm. It was unfortunate that the weather was wet, cold and windy. At least we did have some cows and calves come to visit us. Even Fergus rolled up to see what was going on. Hope you enjoyed the calves having some pellets to eat in there feeder box. I thought it was funny to see Aimi in those slippers. She was going to buy some gumboots for the next visit.
    I still haven’t been out to feed the cattle some hay. The farm tracks are still really wet and it’s just too dangerous to drive around the hills in this weather.
    Let me know when you are staying at Aimi’s again. Next time we will hopefully be able to get in the tractor ride.

    1. Thank you for letting Aimi and I visit your farm. It was great to see Fergus and Rabbie. I’m looking forward to going to Tasmania in September.

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