Visit to Qantas Maintenance

On Saturday 18th of February I went to Qantas Maintenance Hanger at Melbourne Airport and met Greg. I saw A330 and 737 planes. I went into the cockpit and sat in the pilot’s seat. I also saw a 737 freighter being repaired. After that we went in the van and drove around Melbourne Airport looking at planes. Then David and I watched planes takeoff on runway 16.

Qantas maintenance hanger at Melbourne Airport

My first trip on an Xtrapolis train!

On Friday Night Mitch and I caught the train to Richmond. We were trying to catch an Xtrapolis train, but we missed the one at platform 3, then caught the Xtrapolis train to Flinders Street on platform 7. It felt exciting and amazing i felt so happy. Next we caught the Laverton train to Southern Cross and we walked to Network Pizzeria. Mitch ordered apple juice and Hawaiian pizza for me and onion rings and  a ginger beer too, it was very busy.  I had 7 pieces of pizza and Mitch had 1 piece. It was yum! then we walked back to southern cross, to platform 12 and we caught the 6:08 Frankston Xtrapolis train to South Yarra then we changed to Sandringham line to North Brighton. We were late for Mitch to go home!

Watching Trains and Eating Burgers at Flinders Street

On Friday 10th of Feb Mitch and i went on the train to Flinders Street  Station, we saw new Xtrapolis trains on Belgrave, Lilydale, Glen Waverley and Frankston lines at Richmond.

We got off the train on platform 13 then we walked to Rocket Burgers on Elizabeth Street. I ordered a cheeseburger with no onion or pickles, it was $8. Then we walked to 7 eleven to get apple juice.

We went on platform 8 to watch Frankston trains arriving and departing while we ate our burgers.  This was my favourite burger because it  was close to Flinders Street Station. The burger was yum. Whilst waiting I saw an Xtrapolis train on platform 6 going to Carrum. I rated the burger  100/100!

After that we caught the 5:46 Sandringham train to North Brighton.