Metro tunnel works

On Saturday 27th of July,
We picked up Ella from netball.
We went home then we went to drop Ella off at netball.
David and I went to the RACV Club in the city for lunch. I ordered ham and cheese sandwiches, which were delicious. After lunch, We went on the tram to Swanston st, then changed to the St Kilda road trams to Collins st. David and i looked at the metro tunnel works for a while. We then went into the Metro tunnel HQ, to play minecraft Mini Melbourne and looked at what the tunnels are going to look like when they are completed. The photos of the metro tunnels looked good. David then wanted to go look at the bike store. We caught the tram from bourke st up the hill, and then made our way back to the car which was parked at the RACV Club. David and i went to Coles to do the shopping for the house. We then went to watch Ella play netball for little bit. She played very well. We finally went home for dinner. I had Beef Lasagna with cheese on top.


Peter’s Farm

On Friday 12th of July, Aimi and I went to Peter’s farm in Kardella. He’s got 70 highland cattle. I didn’t to go in the tractor to feed hay to highland cows because it was too wet and slippery, Oh No!!!!

Peter showed me other cows that were close to the house. Peter has got a jumpy dog, Peter had to say ‘NO!’ to stop the dog from jumping!! Peter had to put the dog some else.

Peter has lots of black cows, They are my favourite cows. It was very hilly there, and muddy.
Peter told me about Tasmania, they got mini bus from the airport to stay in Richmond, TAS and go to visit highland cow farms there. I’m going to do this!

Erica’s Farm

On Thursday 11th of July, in the morning Aimi, her kids and I went to Erica’s farm called Glenstrae Highlands. Erica showed me her highland cows and her 2 dogs. I felt happy and a bit too excited, becuase I love highland cows. There were 20 highland cows.
I was bit worried about her dogs because they always jump up on me, Aimi and her kids. But Erica said to me ‘tell them NO!’.
I brushed a cow. I felt relaxed.

Highland Cattle Show

On Friday, David picked me up from Bundoora Park Farm at 2pm, We picked Ella up from home. We drove to the house in Ocean Grove. We had shepperds pie first night.

On Saturday, Pop, David and I went to Highland Cattle Show to help farmers with highland cattle and get ready for the show. We met the farmers. They all very nice. It was a good weather. Mum, Ella and Mardi came for little bit. I dressed up and entered the calf classic with Nevis, one of Erica’s calves.

On Sunday Pop, David and I went back to the show. Nick and Von, Sophie and Angus came to watch me. I handed out the prizes for a class 15 (cows 3-5 years) that I sponsored. With Peter’s help I led a bull called Rabbie in class 21 (bulls 20-24 months) and Rabbie won third place. I went to Highland dinner at Portarlington golf club with David and Pop. The farmers said I can visit their farm to see their highland cows. That made me feel happy.

On Monday, I was going to netball but I was too tired so Mum and I drove home from the house in Ocean Grove. I had a chilled out day.

Trip to Sandringham on the Steam train

On Saturday 6th of April, David and I walked to North Brighton Station. We caught the 3pm train to Flinders Street. The steam train was running late. We got on the steam train half past 4pm.

I saw the xtrapolis trains while we were waiting. The steam train had big leather seat, all wooden inside, windows you can open but no air conditioning! It runs from a fire in the engine that they have to keep fueling up with coal. I played on the phone and looked out the window The steam train took us to Sandringham. We went past North Brighton and Metro Tunnel works.

Trip to Bairnsley Highlands

On Saturday 30th of March, Claire came at 9-11am. Pop picked me up from my house. Pop and I went to Bairnsley Highlands to see 50 highland cattle. I brushed the black bull and cows and a calf. Glen took us to the paddock to see highland cows and calves in his car. Pop had cup of tea in Glen’s house. We went to fish and chip shop in Gisborne to buy a cheeseburger, fries and an apple juice. We drove to Mardi and Pop’s house to see David and Mardi. David drove me home to get ready for Jordan’s party. I had a great time to see so many highland cows thanks for showing me Glen!


Winning an Award

On Wednesday 27th of March, after I have dinner with Jo, David took me to Sandringham Yacht Club for the Bayside Youth Awards 2019.
Mum and Ella were already there Ella was nominated for a award too!
At the yacht club there were tables food and drinks. I watched the people be introduced, there were lots of awards.
I won a Courage award, I felt happy and excited my family and I were proud.
it felt great to hear my name called out. David took me home.

The Big Goose

On Sunday 24th of March, Asher came at 9am. We drove to The Big Goose in Moorooduc. We saw highland cows, other cows, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, camels and geese. We watched the sheepdog show. We went on the tractor ride. I liked the highland cows. There were 4 highland cows. I didn’t like the reptiles because of the snakes. Because the snakes are scary. If i want to go back there again, I would like to feed 4 highland cows and give them names. I would like name the first Freddie, the second Leilani, The third Daniel and The fourth Ava.


Avalon Airshow

On Sunday 3rd of March, David and I woke up at 6am. We had breakfast and drove to the airshow. it took 1 hour and 9 mins. We arrived at 7;30am. We went straight in. We saw lots of planes. We watched the planes displayed. I saw PC 9 and 21 roulettes. they did a display. We saw other planes on display. My favourite was the roulettes. We had lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwich and I had a fruit bar. We drove home at 1:30pm. I had fun.

Warragul Show

On Saturday 2nd of March, David and I got up early and went to Pop’s house. Pop and I drove to Warragul Show in Logan Park to see highland cows and other cows and sheep. We watched the highland cattle judging at 9am. We looked for belted galloway. But they were not there. We looked at highland cows. I fed a highland cow. I felt happy. I patted a highland calf. it was so cute. We got our lunch. I had a hamburger with cheese, fries and an apple juice. I bought a australian highland cattle society jumper. We drove back to Pops house. David and I drove back home.