Highland Cattle Show

On Friday, David picked me up from Bundoora Park Farm at 2pm, We picked Ella up from home. We drove to the house in Ocean Grove. We had shepperds pie first night.

On Saturday, Pop, David and I went to Highland Cattle Show to help farmers with highland cattle and get ready for the show. We met the farmers. They all very nice. It was a good weather. Mum, Ella and Mardi came for little bit. I dressed up and entered the calf classic with Nevis, one of Erica’s calves.

On Sunday Pop, David and I went back to the show. Nick and Von, Sophie and Angus came to watch me. I handed out the prizes for a class 15 (cows 3-5 years) that I sponsored. With Peter’s help I led a bull called Rabbie in class 21 (bulls 20-24 months) and Rabbie won third place. I went to Highland dinner at Portarlington golf club with David and Pop. The farmers said I can visit their farm to see their highland cows. That made me feel happy.

On Monday, I was going to netball but I was too tired so Mum and I drove home from the house in Ocean Grove. I had a chilled out day.

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