Chesterfield Farm

In the morning my family and I left for the farm at 9:15am. The farm opened at 10am. We arrived a little bit early and waited for the farm to open once the farm opened we walked to the back paddock to see the highland cows. There was only one highland cow. After seeing the highland cow I went and milked the dairy cows. When we finished Jordan and I went on a tractor ride then we went and had a snack which is chips and some fruit and I had an apple juice. We then left the farm and drove to Brandon Park shopping centre for lunch. I had a ham and cheese and salad sandwich and a water. This was end of the day and Dad drove us home safely.

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  1. What a good story you’ve told here Will. It seems as though you had a terrific outing with Dad driving and with Jordan on the farm with you, the dairy cows, the tractor ride and a terrific snack. Great that you were able to milk some of the cows. Maybe best of all was that there was a highland cow there. Were you able to get up close to her?

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