Warragul Show

On Friday 6th of March, We went to Davids office until 1pm. We drove to Warragul Show and waited for Erica from Glenstrae highlands. I helped Erica unload her trailer. We set up the tent close to cattle. We helped Erica to do work with her cattle. We went out for dinner at the pub in Warragul. I have a pizza with salami. We went back and watched the fireworks at 9:30pm.

On Saturday I got up at 6am to get ready for work with Erica with her cattle. I sang We Will Rock You to Andie Skye. I led Andie Skye into the show ring I had to hold Andies head up and I led her around I had to do 4 rounds with Andie. I won ribbons in 4 rounds. Aimi and Bob came and watched me. We helped Erica packed up the tralier then we drove home. We saw High Capacity Metro trains on the way home at the Pakenham East depot and more cows. I got home and saw Mum and Ella and Charlie.


Sunny Acres Farm stay

On Thursday 28th of November, David and I dropped Charlie off at The Pets Hotel in Port Melbourne. We drove to Nagambie to have lunch. After lunch we went to Sunny Acres Farmstay in Rushworth to unpack and then I fed Cruze the highland bull calf. We had dinner at a pub. I had lasagna. We went back to the farm and I went for a drive in the paddock with Darryl. He is the farmer at Sunny Acres to see the highland cattle. We relaxed until 10pm.

On Friday 29th of November, we fed the animals like goats, camels and chickens. We went to Murchison to have a drink. We went to Murchison East Station to catch the train to Shepparton station and back to Murchison East Station. We had lunch in Murchison. I had ham and cheese roll. We went to Stanhope to look for highland cattle but they are too far away in the back paddock. We tried went to the lake but they didn’t let us through. We went back to farm and fed Cruze the highland bull calf. I watched the highland cattle in the paddock. We went to get burgers and fries from fish and chip shop. We went back to the farm and relaxed until 10pm.

On Saturday 30th of November, We fed the animals again. We went to Seymour to see 2 highlands at the farm on the right hand side of the road. We went to Mcdonalds to have lunch in Seymour. We went back to Sunny Acres Farm. It was long way from Rushworth. We fed hay to cows and sheep. We had takeaway curry for dinner and an apple juice. They played We Will Rock You by Queen, Seven Seas of Rhye and Thunderstruck by AC/DC. I liked those songs and I fed Cruze the highland bull calf. We hanged out in dining room until 10pm. The dogs were being naughty. They were barking and jumping on the table, I told the dogs “no get down! no time for playing.”

On Sunday 1st of December it was raining It was not good weather for feeding the animals. I said goodbye to Darryl and Michelle and thank you for letting us stay to see your highland cattle. We went to Mia Mia to look for highland cattle but we couldn’t find them. We went to Cleveland winery to see the highland cattle. I didn’t get wine. We went to Romsey to have lunch in the car. We went to Suffolk Sheep to look for highland cattle. But the trees were in the way. We went to pick up Charlie from The Pets Hotel in Port Melbourne. We went to Bunnings to get me gloves for Erica’s farm next week. We went home.

Bendigo Show and The Big Goose

On Thursday afternoon, Mum, I and Charlie drove to the house in the North Bendigo. We had dinner at the house. Mum cooked Macaroni and Cheese for me. We relaxed untill 10pm.

On Friday, Mum had to interview David between 7:30 and 8am. So I hung out and relaxed.
At 8:30 we left to get to the show to help Peter and Erica to do farming jobs like brushing highland cattle and blow drying the cattles bodies. There were lots of highland cattle.
In the show I got to lead Ava the heifer, Brenton’s cow and Peter’s black baby bull. The black bull was mooing, I told him to be quiet but he didn’t listen. I bought the smiths chip showbag.

David arrived at 5 o’clock and we had dinner at the show – just us boys! I had sausages or hamburgers – I can’t remember!!!

On Saturday morning, Dad and I went to the show to help Peter and Erica to get the cattle ready for the show. I led Peter’s black bull, he was mooing again. I also got Ella a highland cow soft toy!
I saw Farmer Darryl at the show they were playing Hammer to Fall by Queen in where Farmer Darryl was. That was great!

My famliy and I had dinner out across the road from the show with the breeders. I had pasta with cheese. it was tasty i will be having that again.
On Sunday we drove home almost in time for Brooke, We went to The Big Goose on the way I spotted 1 highland cow when we exit Mornington Tyyab Road We had to pull over to have a look and took photos. Brooke said someone bought 1 highland cow. I would like them to buy more highland cattle.

We got to The Big Goose, We saw Mini Dexter cows at the front. We saw baby cows, Highland cows, Friesian cows. We fed highland cows. We had lunch there. I had hotdog with cheese. We hungout there until 3:50. We went to their driveway to see 1 highland cow close to the fence. We watched the trains at Kananook station. We went to Mordialloc for burgers on the way home.

Metro tunnel works

On Saturday 27th of July,
We picked up Ella from netball.
We went home then we went to drop Ella off at netball.
David and I went to the RACV Club in the city for lunch. I ordered ham and cheese sandwiches, which were delicious. After lunch, We went on the tram to Swanston st, then changed to the St Kilda road trams to Collins st. David and i looked at the metro tunnel works for a while. We then went into the Metro tunnel HQ, to play minecraft Mini Melbourne and looked at what the tunnels are going to look like when they are completed. The photos of the metro tunnels looked good. David then wanted to go look at the bike store. We caught the tram from bourke st up the hill, and then made our way back to the car which was parked at the RACV Club. David and i went to Coles to do the shopping for the house. We then went to watch Ella play netball for little bit. She played very well. We finally went home for dinner. I had Beef Lasagna with cheese on top.


Trip to Sandringham on the Steam train

On Saturday 6th of April, David and I walked to North Brighton Station. We caught the 3pm train to Flinders Street. The steam train was running late. We got on the steam train half past 4pm.

I saw the xtrapolis trains while we were waiting. The steam train had big leather seat, all wooden inside, windows you can open but no air conditioning! It runs from a fire in the engine that they have to keep fueling up with coal. I played on the phone and looked out the window The steam train took us to Sandringham. We went past North Brighton and Metro Tunnel works.

Friday night

On Friday 31st of August. Mitch and I caught the train to Flinders Street Station. We were parallel with an xtrapolis train on Frankston line. Xtrapolis train beat us from South Yarra to Flinders Street. We got off the train and saw Williamstown xtrapolis train on platform 10. We walked to Benny Burger on Little Collins st. I got a burger with cheese, bacon, Pickles, Wagu beef, Lettuce, Tomato Onion and organic tomato sauce and cheesy fries and an apple juice.

The burger was good.
The cheesy fries was tasty.
We walked to Flinders Street Station and missed the first train. So we have to wait for next one. We were late!


Trip to Toorak

On Friday 10th of August, Mitch and I caught the train to South Yarra, We caught the 58 tram to Toorak village then we walked to burger place called Meet Patty. We saw lots of planes from the window. I ordered a cheeseburger with pickles and an apple juice.

This is Air New Zealand A320
Air New Zealand A320

I tried pickles in my burger for first time. I liked the pickles. I will have it again

Will pointing at the plane

I saw A320, 737, A321, 787 and Dash 8

Will having a cheeseburger with pickle 
Air New Zealand A320

We walked to Hawksburn station. We caught the X’trapolis train to South Yarra station. We caught the 5:52 train to North Brighton Station.

We having our Burgers together

We walked home bit late!

Trip to the city to have a burger

On Friday 3rd of August Mitch and I went on the train to Flinders Street Station we walked to burger place called Huxtaburger. I ordered a cheeseburger meal with an apple juice and chips. We walked back to Flinders Street Station to have dinner on platforms 3 and 2 to watch Xtrapolis trains. I heard the planes flying overhead. We caught the Sandringham train back to North Brighton Station .

On Saturday, David and I dropped Ella off in the city We went to Davids office to play on laptop while Davids at work. We drove to David’s clothing shop buying shirts for work. We went to Metro tunnel HQ to get information for me. We went to city square to look at Metro tunnel works. We buy pizza for lunch. We went home to watch planes at night time.

On Sunday, David and I got haircuts We got to meet mum on the platform. We got 12pm train to Richmond Station. I saw the planes while we walked to the netball.

My weekend

On Friday 20th of July, Mitch and I caught the train to Richmond then we walked to the new burger place called 1090 burger I ordered a cheeseburger and a Fanta, Mitch ordered bacon cheeseburger and we shared chips. It was good, it was soft bun with lots of melted cheese, the beef was warm and bit dry, it had tasty tomato sauce. We walked to Richmond station to catch the train to North Brighton. We were late because It was delayed.

On Saturday 21st of July Claire and Brooke came and went shopping. I didn’t have enough cash at butchers so I payed with the card. We walked home to do some work.

Dad ad and I went on the train to Richmond station we met Gran at netball entrance to see Magpies playing. It was close game . It was a draw with the swifts.

Trip to Sandringham to have a pizza with Daniel

On Friday 13th of July, Mitch, Daniel and I caught the train to Sandringham station and walked to pizza shop called Barbalu’s Pizza. I ordered a medium Hawaiian pizza and lift lemonade Daniel ordered a large garlic pizza and a coke. We sat outside We saw buses going past. It was hot cheese, lots of pineapple, sliced ham, juicy tomato paste and soft base.

We walked to Sandringham station We caught the 5:42 train to North Brighton. We waited for Carolyn Daniels mum to pick up Daniel. After that We said goodbye to Daniel and Carolyn then We walked home bit late.