Working at Collingwood Children’s Farm

On Week 1 of work experience, Danielle and I drove to Collingwood Children’s Farm and listened to We Will Rock You all the time on the way. It was a great queen song, I felt happy and excited to start work experience at Collingwood Children’s Farm.

We got to work at around 10:00, my first job was I handed out brushes to school kids to brush the cow and showed them how to brush the cow. Farmer Dan milked the cow, and then it was my job to take the cow back to the paddock. The cow’s name was Daphne, and she had a calf called Juniper. After the cow was back in the paddock, i had to clean up the cow poo, it was yuck.

i fed the goats and the ponies. They ate hay, it was heavy so I had to carry it in the wheelbarrow. Then it was lunchtime, I brought lunch from home and ate it in the staff kitchen. After lunch I went back to do more work until 2pm. I worked so hard I can’t remember what jobs I had to do after lunch. I was very tired when I got home after work.

On Wednesday I saw planes right over top of the farm. I felt happy and excited.

On week 2 of work experience we still listened to We Will Rock You all the way there. I did the same jobs but i also had to feed the sheep and take them to new paddocks. i worked hard and had fun but they need more farm for highland cattle, my favourite.

Thank you for having me Collingwood Children’s Farm and Danielle for helping and driving me.


Avalon Airshow

On Sunday 3rd of March, David and I woke up at 6am. We had breakfast and drove to the airshow. it took 1 hour and 9 mins. We arrived at 7;30am. We went straight in. We saw lots of planes. We watched the planes displayed. I saw PC 9 and 21 roulettes. they did a display. We saw other planes on display. My favourite was the roulettes. We had lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwich and I had a fruit bar. We drove home at 1:30pm. I had fun.

My Weekend at Aimi’s house

On Friday, Aimi picked me up from school at 1pm. We bought Macdonalds for lunch. Aimi and I ordered a cheese burger each. We went to Aimi’s house in Warragul to relax. We went to pick Aimi’s kids up from Warragul north primary school around 3:12. We went to Macdonalds to get drinks. I had an apple juice. We went to 33 Christes road to find highland cows. I saw lots of them. I took photos of them. I felt happy. We went back to Aimi’s house. I played minecraft on Xbox with Aimi’s kids. They helped me built a cow farm and farmhouse. We had dinner. We had sausages and salad. We played minecraft again until bedtime.


On Saturday, We had breakfast. I had Vegmite toast and cordial. We went for a walk to the end of Dawson Drive to see other cows and rc planes. We walked back to Aimi’s house. Aimi and I went to Highland cattle farms that I researched for a spreadsheet on my laptop. I only saw Wombat the highland bull in Bunyip at The Home Farm. We looked for more highland cows at other farms. but we couldn’t find them. I felt sad and frustrated. I thought about seeing highland cows another time. We went to Coles in Warragul to do shopping for dinner. We went back to Aimi’s house to relax. We had hamburgers for dinner. I played on iPad before 10pm.then went to bed.

On Sunday We had breakfast I had butter toast. Aimi and I went to Warrock farm to see 2 highland cows and other animals. We went to Poowong to look for 100 highland cows. I found 5 highland cows in the paddock. We went to Pakenham south and saw 2 highland cows pets at the farmhouse. We went to Aimi’s old house in Frankston North. David picked me up from her old house. David and I went home in the car.





New Years Day at Aimi’s house

I drove from my Pop’s house to the airport. This is where I met Aimi, and together we watched the planes land. From the airport I drove with Aimi to Christies Road Warragul. At the farm I saw lots of highland cows. We then drove back to Aimi’s house which did not take too long. At her house we had dinner together both Aimi and I had ham and salad for dinner. After dinner we decided to watch the Mr Bean movie which was very funny because Mr Bean got in trouble. This ended a long day and I slept at Aimi’s house.

Trip to Toorak

On Friday 10th of August, Mitch and I caught the train to South Yarra, We caught the 58 tram to Toorak village then we walked to burger place called Meet Patty. We saw lots of planes from the window. I ordered a cheeseburger with pickles and an apple juice.

This is Air New Zealand A320
Air New Zealand A320

I tried pickles in my burger for first time. I liked the pickles. I will have it again

Will pointing at the plane

I saw A320, 737, A321, 787 and Dash 8

Will having a cheeseburger with pickle 
Air New Zealand A320

We walked to Hawksburn station. We caught the X’trapolis train to South Yarra station. We caught the 5:52 train to North Brighton Station.

We having our Burgers together

We walked home bit late!

Trip to the city to have a burger

On Friday 3rd of August Mitch and I went on the train to Flinders Street Station we walked to burger place called Huxtaburger. I ordered a cheeseburger meal with an apple juice and chips. We walked back to Flinders Street Station to have dinner on platforms 3 and 2 to watch Xtrapolis trains. I heard the planes flying overhead. We caught the Sandringham train back to North Brighton Station .

On Saturday, David and I dropped Ella off in the city We went to Davids office to play on laptop while Davids at work. We drove to David’s clothing shop buying shirts for work. We went to Metro tunnel HQ to get information for me. We went to city square to look at Metro tunnel works. We buy pizza for lunch. We went home to watch planes at night time.

On Sunday, David and I got haircuts We got to meet mum on the platform. We got 12pm train to Richmond Station. I saw the planes while we walked to the netball.

Trip to Hawksburn to have pizza

On Friday 23rd of February. Mitch and I went to South Yarra Station and changed to Frankston line to Hawksburn Station it was 5:04 Mordialloc Xtrapolis train . We walked to pizza place called Fratellino Pizzeria. I bought Tropical pizza with Sprite lemonade.The lady said they didn’t have any apple juice. We walked back to Hawksburn Station. I saw Qantas and Virgin planes from Sydney and Christchurch while eating pizza at the station. We caught the 5:46 Xtrapolis train to South Yarra Station and changed to Sandringham train to North Brighton Station. We walked home.



Trip to Werribee

On Sunday 24th of September Carolyn and I caught the 9:40 train to Southern Cross Station. We caught the Werribee train to Werribee Station I saw planes on the way. When I got to Werribee I had an apple juice and a fruit bar. We caught the 11:25 train to Flinders Street Station I saw planes on the way. I caught the 12:32 train to North Brighton Station. We walked home.

Plane-spotting and bowling

This morning  i went to Melbourne Airport to watch planes. I watched the planes landing on runway 34. There was lightening and storms so some planes, like QF94 diverted to Sydney. I still saw lots of planes flying right over my head. This afternoon, I went bowling and played games with Leilani. It was a lot of fun.

Trip to Myuna Farm, Jordan’s Birthday party and Australian Grand Prix

On Sunday 26th of March I went to Myuna Farm with Carolyn. We saw pigs, donkey making hee haw noise, Llamas, horses, ponies, Water Buffalo, chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits and Guinea pigs. then we went to Jordan’s birthday party to see my friends Leilani, Ava, Ayva, Charlie, Daniel, Oliver, Chelsea and everyone else. It was pizza making party. I sat with Leilani and made pizzas together. I put on Cheese, ham, pineapple, olives, mushrooms and Capsicum. It was Delicious!

Dad and I went to the Australian Grand Prix in the car we watched the roulettes, F18 and C17 Globemaster I like the roulettes because they flyover my window. Then we went home to meet Ella and Mum. We chilled at home. Then we had pasta for dinner with cheese and I played my iPad until 9pm then bed time.