Trip to Bay st Brighton

On Friday 14th of September, I was sitting with Daniel on the way home I listerned to we will rock you after I left school. We dropped off Christen in Mount Warverley and then the wheelchair lift didn’t want to go in. It was broken. Peter could not drive without wheelchair closed. The bus was broken. Oh No! Carolyn pick Will and Daniel up.

We went to pizza place on Bay st we were very late!



Trip to the city to have a burger

On Friday 3rd of August Mitch and I went on the train to Flinders Street Station we walked to burger place called Huxtaburger. I ordered a cheeseburger meal with an apple juice and chips. We walked back to Flinders Street Station to have dinner on platforms 3 and 2 to watch Xtrapolis trains. I heard the planes flying overhead. We caught the Sandringham train back to North Brighton Station .

On Saturday, David and I dropped Ella off in the city We went to Davids office to play on laptop while Davids at work. We drove to David’s clothing shop buying shirts for work. We went to Metro tunnel HQ to get information for me. We went to city square to look at Metro tunnel works. We buy pizza for lunch. We went home to watch planes at night time.

On Sunday, David and I got haircuts We got to meet mum on the platform. We got 12pm train to Richmond Station. I saw the planes while we walked to the netball.

Trip to Sandringham to have a pizza with Daniel

On Friday 13th of July, Mitch, Daniel and I caught the train to Sandringham station and walked to pizza shop called Barbalu’s Pizza. I ordered a medium Hawaiian pizza and lift lemonade Daniel ordered a large garlic pizza and a coke. We sat outside We saw buses going past. It was hot cheese, lots of pineapple, sliced ham, juicy tomato paste and soft base.

We walked to Sandringham station We caught the 5:42 train to North Brighton. We waited for Carolyn Daniels mum to pick up Daniel. After that We said goodbye to Daniel and Carolyn then We walked home bit late.





Trip to Hawksburn to have pizza

On Friday 23rd of February. Mitch and I went to South Yarra Station and changed to Frankston line to Hawksburn Station it was 5:04 Mordialloc Xtrapolis train . We walked to pizza place called Fratellino Pizzeria. I bought Tropical pizza with Sprite lemonade.The lady said they didn’t have any apple juice. We walked back to Hawksburn Station. I saw Qantas and Virgin planes from Sydney and Christchurch while eating pizza at the station. We caught the 5:46 Xtrapolis train to South Yarra Station and changed to Sandringham train to North Brighton Station. We walked home.



Trip to Toorak Station to have pizza

On Friday 22nd of September Mitch and I went on the train to South Yarra. We caught the Mordialloc xtrapolis train to Toorak Station. We walked to pizza shop called Pizza Religion and I ordered Ham and Pineapple pizza and raspberry lemonade. I liked the pizza. This was the best pizza.

We walked to Toorak Station to catch the Flinders Street train to South Yarra.
We caught the 5:52 train to North Brighton Station.

We walked home. We were on time.





Trip to Highett to get pizza!

On Friday 4th of August Mitch and I caught the Sandringham line to South Yarra and then the Frankston line to Highett. We walked to De Marconi’s Pizza and Pasta, we waited a long time for our small pizzas, it was very busy! We walked with our small pizzas to Highett Station, We caught the 6:15 train to Bentleigh Station eating our pizzas along the way. We wanted to catch the 703 bus but we missed it oh no! So instead we got a Uber home. We got home after 6:30 We were late!

It was a good Hawaiian pizza.