Birthday Party at The Big Goose

On Saturday 14th of December, David and I went to pick up the cake. We went home. We had to get the food ready, We had lots of chips, lollies, cheese and crackers. Ella drove David’s car. We had to set up the party room. At 10:01 nobody had arrived! I told everyone to hurry up, but it was because the gate wasn’t open yet. Finally, Brenton came first,Daniel, Ava, Ayya, Pop, Von and Sophie came next. Everyone was bit late, I was very excited.

Everyone arrived and went to a highland cow paddock to feed highland cows bread. Everyone fed Helen the highland cow she was brown. She likes the bread and very friendly. They were two other highland cows. Some my friends and family fed one calf. The other highland cow was busy eating hay. I want to take Helen and other highland cows home but we haven’t got a paddock for them. I did the maze with Daniel. We didn’t get lost. We went on the tractor ride to see highland cows, sheep, horses, ostriches, alpacas and regular cows. I thought it was good and bumpy and everyone had a good time. We all went into red barn to cuddle guinea pigs. There was snakes in the red barn too but we didn’t cuddle them.
Kris and I went to the sheepdog show but it wasn’t on. I don’t know why. We went into party room to have party food. I had chips. We had to sing happy birthday and then had cake. It had writing saying “Happy 18th Birthday Will” and picture of a highland cow We listerned to party playlist. We Will Rock You came on and I sang all the lyrics while everyone clapped. Everyone left after 12:30. thanks for coming and thank you Mum and Dad and Ella for helping.

Bendigo Show and The Big Goose

On Thursday afternoon, Mum, I and Charlie drove to the house in the North Bendigo. We had dinner at the house. Mum cooked Macaroni and Cheese for me. We relaxed untill 10pm.

On Friday, Mum had to interview David between 7:30 and 8am. So I hung out and relaxed.
At 8:30 we left to get to the show to help Peter and Erica to do farming jobs like brushing highland cattle and blow drying the cattles bodies. There were lots of highland cattle.
In the show I got to lead Ava the heifer, Brenton’s cow and Peter’s black baby bull. The black bull was mooing, I told him to be quiet but he didn’t listen. I bought the smiths chip showbag.

David arrived at 5 o’clock and we had dinner at the show – just us boys! I had sausages or hamburgers – I can’t remember!!!

On Saturday morning, Dad and I went to the show to help Peter and Erica to get the cattle ready for the show. I led Peter’s black bull, he was mooing again. I also got Ella a highland cow soft toy!
I saw Farmer Darryl at the show they were playing Hammer to Fall by Queen in where Farmer Darryl was. That was great!

My famliy and I had dinner out across the road from the show with the breeders. I had pasta with cheese. it was tasty i will be having that again.
On Sunday we drove home almost in time for Brooke, We went to The Big Goose on the way I spotted 1 highland cow when we exit Mornington Tyyab Road We had to pull over to have a look and took photos. Brooke said someone bought 1 highland cow. I would like them to buy more highland cattle.

We got to The Big Goose, We saw Mini Dexter cows at the front. We saw baby cows, Highland cows, Friesian cows. We fed highland cows. We had lunch there. I had hotdog with cheese. We hungout there until 3:50. We went to their driveway to see 1 highland cow close to the fence. We watched the trains at Kananook station. We went to Mordialloc for burgers on the way home.

Trip to Churchill Island

On Saturday 31st of August, David and I left home at 8:30am to go to Churchill Island. It was a long drive. It took us 1 hour and 40 mins. We listened to my car songs playlist on the drive. We asked the shop how many highland cattle they have. They said 15. David and I had a look.

They had black, brown, silver dun and white. My favourite is black. They also had a few highland calves. We just watched them. I felt very happy and excited. We went to Caldermeade Farm to see 2 highland cows and had lunch. I had a cheese toastie. It was pretty good. The highland cow names were Bonnie and Dougal.

We drove home and went to netball to watch Ella play.

I liked going to the farm to see the highland cattle, it was the best.

Metro tunnel works

On Saturday 27th of July,
We picked up Ella from netball.
We went home then we went to drop Ella off at netball.
David and I went to the RACV Club in the city for lunch. I ordered ham and cheese sandwiches, which were delicious. After lunch, We went on the tram to Swanston st, then changed to the St Kilda road trams to Collins st. David and i looked at the metro tunnel works for a while. We then went into the Metro tunnel HQ, to play minecraft Mini Melbourne and looked at what the tunnels are going to look like when they are completed. The photos of the metro tunnels looked good. David then wanted to go look at the bike store. We caught the tram from bourke st up the hill, and then made our way back to the car which was parked at the RACV Club. David and i went to Coles to do the shopping for the house. We then went to watch Ella play netball for little bit. She played very well. We finally went home for dinner. I had Beef Lasagna with cheese on top.


Winning an Award

On Wednesday 27th of March, after I have dinner with Jo, David took me to Sandringham Yacht Club for the Bayside Youth Awards 2019.
Mum and Ella were already there Ella was nominated for a award too!
At the yacht club there were tables food and drinks. I watched the people be introduced, there were lots of awards.
I won a Courage award, I felt happy and excited my family and I were proud.
it felt great to hear my name called out. David took me home.