Trip to the city to have a burger

On Friday 3rd of August Mitch and I went on the train to Flinders Street Station we walked to burger place called Huxtaburger. I ordered a cheeseburger meal with an apple juice and chips. We walked back to Flinders Street Station to have dinner on platforms 3 and 2 to watch Xtrapolis trains. I heard the planes flying overhead. We caught the Sandringham train back to North Brighton Station .

On Saturday, David and I dropped Ella off in the city We went to Davids office to play on laptop while Davids at work. We drove to David’s clothing shop buying shirts for work. We went to Metro tunnel HQ to get information for me. We went to city square to look at Metro tunnel works. We buy pizza for lunch. We went home to watch planes at night time.

On Sunday, David and I got haircuts We got to meet mum on the platform. We got 12pm train to Richmond Station. I saw the planes while we walked to the netball.

My weekend

On Friday 20th of July, Mitch and I caught the train to Richmond then we walked to the new burger place called 1090 burger I ordered a cheeseburger and a Fanta, Mitch ordered bacon cheeseburger and we shared chips. It was good, it was soft bun with lots of melted cheese, the beef was warm and bit dry, it had tasty tomato sauce. We walked to Richmond station to catch the train to North Brighton. We were late because It was delayed.

On Saturday 21st of July Claire and Brooke came and went shopping. I didn’t have enough cash at butchers so I payed with the card. We walked home to do some work.

Dad ad and I went on the train to Richmond station we met Gran at netball entrance to see Magpies playing. It was close game . It was a draw with the swifts.

Trip to Queen Concert

On Saturday 3rd of March, Mitch and I went on the train from North Brighton to Richmond station.
We walked to Benny Burger and ordered burgers and cheesy fries but they ran out of cheese sauce. I ate Mitch’s chips instead. We walked to Rod Laver arena to scan the tickets and we bought shirts and I got a program
Mitch bought a grey shirt and I bought a black shirt with Australia flag colors. We went to find our seats. I sang we will rock you. It was great. We walked back to Richmond Station and caught the 11:18pm train to North Brighton. We couldn’t walk home because it was dark so David picked us up and drove us home. It was late for sleeping!




Trip to Bettys Burgers

On Friday 8th of December Mitch and I went on the train to Flinders Street Station. We caught the 3 tram to City Square to have a look at Metro tunnel works it has windows so we can see inside.

We caught the tram to Melbourne Central Station. We walked to Santas mail box to post a letter to Santa. I hope the  letter arrives just in time. We walked to Betty Burgers to order my dinner.

I ordered Bettys Classic and an orange juice to take away. We walked to Flinders Street Station and then I ate the burger and watched the trains. It was an okay burger. We caught the train to North Brighton Station. We got home 4 minutes late!

Trip to Royal Melbourne Show

Today the whole family went to Royal Melbourne Show in the car. We went to Animal Nursery first we saw baby sheep, pigs, alpacas, donkeys, ponies and goats. After that We went to Animal Farmyard. We saw cows and other animals. We went to Showbag Pavilion I saw Ollie there. He is my best friend from school. After that we looked at the cakes. After that we went to Livestock Pavilion to see sheep, cows and bulls. After that we went to racv cafe to have lunch. I had a burger and an apple juice and chips. After that we went to The Farmhouse to say goodbye to Mum and Ella they went home. David and I watch ed the dogs and watched the horses. We went back to Animal Farmyard to learn about beef cows. Farmer Darryl talked about cows. We went on the train to Flinders Street Station. We caught the train to Richmond Station and waited for next train home to North Brighton.









Betty’s Burgers in Noosa

After we went bowling I had lunch at Betty’s Burgers in Noosa. The service was quick and friendly and it was nice to sit in the shade watching people walk by. It’s a handy location just opposite the Noosa beach and Surf Club. I had a Kids burger and David had a Classic burger. We both had fries. My burger was tasty but the sauce was a bit messy. I rated the burger a 9 out of 10. The fries were a 7 out of 10. Check out Betty’s Burgers for a great burger when you’re in Noosa.



Trip to Benny Burger

On Friday 23rd of June Mitch and I went on the train to Richmond Station. We walked to Benny Burger. It was close to Richmond station at 95 Swan St.
We got to order a Burger and Fries. I got cheeseburger without mustard and mayo and some cheesy fries and apple juice. It was really tasty. It was the first time I had the cheesy fries. I was excited because I love cheese. Thank you Benny Burger for my burger and fries. Mitch got chicken burger and fries and apple juice. Mitch said it was really good. We played arcade games while we were waiting. My favorite was the Plane game.

We walked to Richmond Station we caught the 5:56 train to North Brighton. We were home 4 mins late! It was ok to be late because the burgers were yum.

I’d really like to thank Benny Burger and the staff who were so fantastic looking after Mitch and I. We really loved the burgers and I especially loved the cheesy fries.







Trip to Balaclava station and having a cheeseburger

On Friday 7th of April I went on the train to Balaclava station in a wheelchair with Mitch. We walked to a Burger shop called Ziggys eatery, we had burgers. I had cheeseburger and an apple juice and Mitch got bacon and blue cheese burger and a lemonade and we shared hot chips. I liked the burger.
We watched trains and trams on route 3 and 16, I saw a big plane from Auckland and small planes. We got on the train to North Brighton and we walked home. We were early for once!

Hamburger score for Ziggy’s eatery 33/40

Cheeseburger at Gardenvale

Yesterday On Friday 17th of March We went on the train 1 stop to Gardenvale Station. I went in a wheelchair with Mitch then we walked to Chatz Fish and Chip shop. I had a cheeseburger and a apple juice and we watched the trains going by to and from Sandringham or Flinders Street
Mitch had no food because Mitch was going out for dinner. Mitch watched Will buying a Cheeseburger and a apple juice for dinner.
The burger was good I rated 100 because I liked the burger meat and lettuce.

We went back on the train in front carriage to North Brighton Station.

I talked to train driver I said Gardenvale and North Brighton loudly.

Watching Trains and Eating Burgers at Flinders Street

On Friday 10th of Feb Mitch and i went on the train to Flinders Street  Station, we saw new Xtrapolis trains on Belgrave, Lilydale, Glen Waverley and Frankston lines at Richmond.

We got off the train on platform 13 then we walked to Rocket Burgers on Elizabeth Street. I ordered a cheeseburger with no onion or pickles, it was $8. Then we walked to 7 eleven to get apple juice.

We went on platform 8 to watch Frankston trains arriving and departing while we ate our burgers.  This was my favourite burger because it  was close to Flinders Street Station. The burger was yum. Whilst waiting I saw an Xtrapolis train on platform 6 going to Carrum. I rated the burger  100/100!

After that we caught the 5:46 Sandringham train to North Brighton.