Bendigo Show and The Big Goose

On Thursday afternoon, Mum, I and Charlie drove to the house in the North Bendigo. We had dinner at the house. Mum cooked Macaroni and Cheese for me. We relaxed untill 10pm.

On Friday, Mum had to interview David between 7:30 and 8am. So I hung out and relaxed.
At 8:30 we left to get to the show to help Peter and Erica to do farming jobs like brushing highland cattle and blow drying the cattles bodies. There were lots of highland cattle.
In the show I got to lead Ava the heifer, Brenton’s cow and Peter’s black baby bull. The black bull was mooing, I told him to be quiet but he didn’t listen. I bought the smiths chip showbag.

David arrived at 5 o’clock and we had dinner at the show – just us boys! I had sausages or hamburgers – I can’t remember!!!

On Saturday morning, Dad and I went to the show to help Peter and Erica to get the cattle ready for the show. I led Peter’s black bull, he was mooing again. I also got Ella a highland cow soft toy!
I saw Farmer Darryl at the show they were playing Hammer to Fall by Queen in where Farmer Darryl was. That was great!

My famliy and I had dinner out across the road from the show with the breeders. I had pasta with cheese. it was tasty i will be having that again.
On Sunday we drove home almost in time for Brooke, We went to The Big Goose on the way I spotted 1 highland cow when we exit Mornington Tyyab Road We had to pull over to have a look and took photos. Brooke said someone bought 1 highland cow. I would like them to buy more highland cattle.

We got to The Big Goose, We saw Mini Dexter cows at the front. We saw baby cows, Highland cows, Friesian cows. We fed highland cows. We had lunch there. I had hotdog with cheese. We hungout there until 3:50. We went to their driveway to see 1 highland cow close to the fence. We watched the trains at Kananook station. We went to Mordialloc for burgers on the way home.

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